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Plus: VentRight Will Tell You What You Must Know About Using Your Dryer

By Malki Lowinger April 23, 2024

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers cause 2,900 fires each year, This translates into about $35 million dollars in property loss, as well as injuries and occasionally, death. 

The leading cause of dryer fires is lint, which accumulates naturally when you use the dryer but can sometimes make its way into the appliance’s heating element. When that overheats and the hot air doesn’t circulate properly, you have a problem.

“We started this business,” says Rivka, one of the three local founders of VentRight from Inwood, “because a friend of ours lost his house to a dryer fire and we realized that there’s a tremendous lack of knowledge about basic home safety and maintenance out there.”

And it’s not just about fires. “Even a partially clogged dryer vent, slows down the drying time and wastes time and money.” Are dryer vent fires common? “Unfortunately they are, ” says Rivka. “Just two weeks ago a vent fire occurred in the Five Towns and last week there was an incident in Brooklyn.”

Anybody who uses a washer and dryer, including tenants and renters (and even laundromat owners), needs to have their dryers serviced at least once a year. The Fire Safety Administration recommends an annual cleaning for a family that does about five loads a week. 

VentRight maintains bi-annual contracts with some customers and offers special prices to groups. “We go upstate in the summer and service many bungalow colonies,” says Rivka. “Or we will come down to a Lakewood development and service several homes.”

If you think you can clean your vents on your own, think again. Rivka advises caution. “It’s risky, proper equipment, training, and know-how are essential to cleaning a dryer vent thoroughly and safely.”

Specifically, Rivka cautions homeowners never to use duct tape on their dryer vents. As the dryer vent heats the duct tape, the adhesive on the tape breaks down and the vents will come apart. In general, it’s never a good idea to use anything flammable on your dryer vent. 

As a general rule, says Rivka, people should never leave the house when the dryer is on. And certainly, they shouldn’t leave the dryer going when they’re sleeping.

VentRight also offers HVAC cleaning services, and will inspect your washing machine hoses and offer an upgrade if necessary. “Rubber water hoses could potentially develop bubbles and burst, resulting in major flooding. We can offer an upgrade to stainless steel braided hoses.”

VentRight is offering a service that will prevent a disaster from happening. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s relatively inexpensive. Call them today and begin the process of responsible homeownership now.

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